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Deluxe Pro MMA Glove

Item #: 239004
Your Price: $59.99

* 100% Softech™ Leather glove offers the most protection while training, without being restrictive to MMA movements

* Double padding on top of the hand is split by stitching to decrease hand fatigue

* Double lightweight RAM-Force™ technology padding covers first and second knuckles, hand, and thumb

* Extra wrist wrapping protection against scratching you or your opponent while grappling.

* Size: S (6 oz), M (6 oz), L (7oz), XL (7oz)

* Available in colors: Black, Blue, Red. New: Small 6 oz and XS 5 oz gloves are now available in Pink, too!

Overall Rating: * * * * *

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* * * * * Great fit., 2015-10-17 16:34:37

I just started using these today, The gloves fit nice and they have great wrist support. My first pair of MMA Gloves and I couldn't be happier.
Marc Crouse
Gettysburg, PA United States

* * * * * MMA gloves, 2015-08-05 19:12:02

If you need a pair of MMA sparring gloves, revgear make the BEST ones. Pick up a pair or two and see for yourself ;)
Stephen Langdown, ONE FC Pro Fighter
AL Singapore

* * * * * The Perfect MMA Glove, 2013-12-16 20:18:20

I am such a huge fan of these gloves. They are small enough that I am able to grapple but soft enough that I don't have to worry about hurting my training partners. Truly the perfect size glove to train in MMA.
Tim Kennedy - Team Revgear
Austin, TX United States

* * * * * 3 reasons you NEED these gloves!, 2013-10-14 16:56:59

3 of my favorite things about the Revgear Deluxe Pro MMA Glove are the extended wrist support, the cushioning for both me and my sparring partner and also my favorite is the open palm system which gives a lot of freedom with the glove.
Nam Phan, UFC Featherweight
Garden Grove, CA United States

* * * * Great Gloves., 2013-03-26 13:11:16

I like these gloves, they've held up so far and none of the stitching has frayed or fallen apart. They can eat up a few seconds when trying to put them on when you're doing a drill, but they deliver on impact.
Thomas Gantt
Germantown, MD United States

* * * * * The best most durable mma gloves!, 2013-03-20 18:59:20

I researched long before I bought these gloves and I am absolutely ecstatic with these. I have had the same pair of mma gloves for at least three years now and I use them to hit the heavy bag, do mitt and thai pad work, spar and I abuse the heck out of them. There has not been a single tear on these bad boys and I still use them every single week. Great wrist support, top notch hand protection. Get these mma gloves!!!
Micah Hankins
Chico, CA United States

* * * * * Best Fit Yet!, 2012-07-03 10:58:31

I train Kempo and BJJ and these gloves are the best that I have ever used. I have tried many different MMA gloves, but these are at the top. The padding is excellent and protects the middle knuckles well. The big wrist strap is great for more support and stability. I can fit wraps under these gloves and not feel too tight. The wrist support is so good that I don't always need the wraps with these gloves. The leather is strong and made to last through many bag sessions. The guys I train with have tried them on and they want these gloves as well.
Indianapolis, IN United States

* * * * * These gloves are INCREDIBLE!, 2012-04-25 14:10:24

I train multiple times a week and these gloves never let me down! Great feel and functionality. Plus these gloves look super dope!
Kyle Gudgeon
San Jose, CA United States

* * * * * Works as Expected !!!, 2012-04-06 15:22:04

I train 3-4 times a week and have been using these gloves for about two months and they are holding up great !!!
Nick Lorenzoni
Cleveland, OH United States

* * * * * Great gloves, 2012-04-06 15:21:11

Use the gloves several times a week, holding up great so far. Good hand protection.
Sandy, ME United States

* * * * * I love these gloves!, 2012-01-29 01:03:58

These gloves are great for everyday sparring! Fit great and look awesome!

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